Free discovery webinar

If you’re new to the Team Management Profile or if you’re considering becoming accredited to use the Profile in your work, our taster webinar will tell you all you need to know.

During the webinar our experienced Master Trainers will give a brief overview of the origins of the Profile and the work of co-authors Dr Charles Margerison and Dr Dick McCann. They will also explore topics such as:


  • What makes a high performing team?
  • Which four measures of personal energy can predict our preferred role in a team and how does the Profile determine these?
  • What different roles can people have in a team and why should difference be embraced and valued?
  • How can the Profile be used at personal, team and organisational levels?
  • Why do managers and leaders find the Profile so helpful?
  • Does it really work and what is the return on investment/expectation?
  • What’s inside a Team Management Profile and how much does it cost?
  • How can I start to use the Profile?



As well as giving you a comprehensive walk-through of the Profile, you will get a taster of just some of its many applications such as: career development, appraisal discussions, job redesign, conflict resolution, coaching & mentoring, energising tired teams, integrating new staff, creating balanced teams, leadership development.



If you’ve got any questions at the end of the webinar our Master Trainers are on hand to answer them.


Next steps

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4 May 2017 - 10:00 (UK)Register now



Types of Work Model
Team Management Wheel


Types of Work Model
Types of Work Model