Choose the best route for your 
Team Management Profile Accreditation

UmbrellasJoin a TMSDI accreditation programme developed exclusively for learning and development professionals.
Choose from tailored in-company events, live webinars, or on-the-ground open programmes in London and York.
Whichever route you choose, our support does not end with the programme. Post accreditation, you can call or email our learning & development team to talk through your own programmes and ideas. We offer a wealth of free support material including free network member webinars.

Tailored In-Company Accreditation

Tailored In-Company Accreditation


Call us on +44 (0)1904 464515 to discuss our customised accreditation options which can be adapted for any number of participants: 

  • In-company at your own venue
  • Live & interactive in-company webinar

In-company accreditation is a cost-effective team building event and shared learning experience. You will benefit from the expert knowledge of our Master Trainers. Leave the programme feeling confident that you have the knowledge and skills to work with our proven range of psychometric tools.

 Your place, your time

Our tutors will come to your chosen venue at a time that works for you, minimising time away from the office.

 Learn together

In-company accreditation generates immediate benefits for your whole team. You learn together, increase your appreciation of each other, and have the opportunity to discuss your real working environment.

 Time as a team

Time together to think strategically and evaluate your team’s current situation thoroughly is essential to any high performing team. Your team will have the opportunity to collaborate together on creative solutions to different challenges. You benefit from a valuable ideas forum and a genuine team learning session.


Our highly tailored programmes give you and your team a complete understanding of the conceptal framework behind the Team Management Profile. You can explore relevant, business focused applications for the Profile within a personal coaching and team development context.

To experience this highly effective in-company event call us on +44 (0)1904 464515 or complete our enquiry form.

Webinar Accreditation

Webinar Accreditation

Open Dates

£1500 + VAT per person

Two 90-minute modules each day

7 & 8 February 2018 Contact us
20 & 21 March 2018 Contact us
2 & 3 May 2018 Contact us
12 & 13 June 2018 Contact us
18 & 19 July 2018 Contact us
21 & 22 August 2018 Contact us
3 & 4 October 2018 Contact us
13 & 14 November 2018 Contact us
12 & 13 December 2018 Contact us

TMSDI webinars retain the best features of traditional “on-the-ground” events, but in a more immediate, convenient and cost-effective way.


Our webinars are not pre-recorded. Each session runs live, giving opportunity for discussion and participation.

 Time and cost-effective

There are no travel or accomodation costs. You are not away from your workplace and there is minimum disruption of your schedule.


No long wait for an "on-the-ground" event in a particular location. Open webinars run frequently. Custom webinars, ideal for a company team operating in multiple locations, can run as soon as you are ready.

 Easy and convenient

It all happens from your own computer, wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection. Once the programme has been arranged, just click on the link we send to you. Your session facilitator will show you how the webinar works.

During the webinar you will listen to presentations, share in discussion and be invited to participate. You can ask questions. Your screen will display all the visuals, just like watching a presentation at a live event. You do not appear on the screen yourself so you don’t need a webcam, just a microphone or phone for conversations. The session is recorded so that you will be able to review it later.

Webinar participants receive exactly the same physical support materials as those who come to an “on-the-ground” accreditation. We send this by post so that you will have everything you need. You will receive your personal Profile, guides and background information plus presentation material for use in your own work.

To find out more about our open webinar accreditation events, and customised webinar options, call us now.

On-the-Ground Accreditation

On-the-Ground Accreditation

Open Dates

£1500 + VAT per person

28 February 2018 - Manchester Contact us
6 March 2018 - Helsinki Contact us
12 April 2018 - York Contact us
17 April 2018 - Oslo Contact us
23 May 2018 - London Contact us
28 June 2018 - Manchester Contact us
8 August 2018 - York Contact us
19 September 2018 - London Contact us
25 October 2018 - Manchester Contact us
29 November 2018 - London Contact us

We hold open programmes in the UK and mainland Europe.


Enjoy a participative learning experience away from the office. Meet other professionals and extend your practice.

 Group and one-to-one sessions

Benefit from the expertise of our experienced Master Trainers who will impart best practice tips for using the Team Management Profile within teams and in 1:1 coaching sessions. We also uncover the theory that lies behind our psychometric tool to ensure you leave the accreditation with an advanced level of understanding.


Our programmes encourage interactive learning and discussions. Our aim is to give you the knowledge, experience and confidence to design and run your own programmes. The rich discussions we facilitate between delegates always enhance the learning event. Our programmes and ongoing network opportunities create a space for interaction with professionals who have worked within different cultures and sectors.


Lunch and refreshments are included giving plenty of opportunity for networking. Discuss your profiles, coaching tips and applications ideas. There is also time to reflect on the whole learning experience.