The Team Management Systems Profile suite

25 years of validated research have created a full suite of Profiling tools known as Margerison-McCann Team Management Systems (TMS).

The Team Management Wheel lies at the heart of this integrated approach designed to help maximise personal potential, build great teams and create energy for success. It provides a visual starting point for a discussion about what makes high energy teams.

The TMS approach makes individual development the critical first step to effective team development. And it places both in the context of business results.

Each of the TMS Profiles offers a unique view on a person or situation at work. Each has its own visual model and simple language to bring it to life.

The Profiles are rich in multi-layered data enabling powerful, transformational discussion about the potential and value of the individual, how to link people with tasks and with each other - and how to build, manage and lead teams. Most of all, they help to uncover the energies that influence success and build long term company value.

Profiles may be used singly, in different combinations or with other tools to illuminate a range of situations and provide the key to personal and team development.

All our tools are rigorously researched, presented to high quality standards and have been independently reviewed by the British Psychological Society. They are supported by a dedicated team of professionals at TMS Development International (TMSDI).


  • High face validity
  • Powerful visual models
  • Simple straightforward language
  • Clearly presented data
  • Positive, actionable feedback


  • On personal performance
  • On facilitating communication
  • On action plans and problem solving
  • On high energy teamworking
  • On real business results

High quality presentation

  • Detailed full colour bound Profile
  • 16- to 33-page customised reports
  • Professional presentation folder
  • Each Profile with accompanying Discovery Workbook
  • TMSDI online service

Commitment to client service

  • Dedicated TMSDI team for Profile supply
  • We-do-everything bureau service
  • Bureau Plus option
  • Free advice from TMSDI Learning and Development Consultants


  • Ideal within a wide range of applications
  • Combines personal and team development
  • Use Profiles singly or combine in different ways
  • Link the TMS approach to your existing learning framework
  • Works with all kinds of teams


  • Independent British Psychological Society reviews available
  • Extensive global norms database
  • Easy access to comparative data
  • Organisation reports possible
  • Ongoing research at own research institute


Linking Skills Profile

  • 360-degree feedback linked to the Team Management Systems concepts and models
  • Excellent anchor for coaching discussions
  • A simple competency framework relevant to all teams
  • Good balance of numerical and narrative information
  • Useful reality check on behaviours
  • Guidance on where to direct energies
  • Catalyst for problem solving

Linking skills are a central part of the Team Management Systems approach and are essential to high performance working. They are the responsibility of all team members, but most especially the leader.

The Linking Skills Profile is a 360-degree multi-rater instrument that clearly identifies your perceived performance in fundamental people, task and leadership related skills. It explores the gaps which may exist between what you should be doing and what you actually do. Full colour graphics vividly show the range of responses and a comprehensive narrative report offers clear development guidelines.

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Opportunity Orientation Profile

  • A personal Profile that shows whether you focus more on seeing opportunities or obstacles
  • Benchmarks individual perspectives against a valid model of risk orientation
  • Identifies whether the team as a whole may take too many risks, or be too cautious
  • Vividly demonstrates the complexity of getting a balanced view
  • Powerful discussion tool in times of change and uncertainty
  • Improves communication and mutual understanding
  • Explains why conflict can occur when uncertainty is high

The Opportunity Orientation Profile (QO2®) is a unique tool, linked with the TMS models and concepts, that measures the balance of energy that individuals put into seeing opportunities and obstacles at work. Developed by Dr Dick McCann as an extension of his research into work preferences, the Profile complements the four scales of the Team Management Profile to offer a “fifth dimension” of understanding about what drives our individual and team energies.

The Profile offers valuable feedback for personal coaching session and explores critical issues around the management of unknowns for the whole team.

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Window on Work Values Profile

Each individual completes a 64-item Questionnaire online which is analysed by our expert software to produce a customised personal report describing work value patterns in relation to eight core types:

  • Individualism: Focusing entirely on personal drivers
  • Collectivism: Focusing more on the group than the individual
  • Compliance: Needing to work with an agreed set of rules and procedures
  • Empowerment: Requiring autonomy and needing personal input
  • Authority: Wanting to work with clear systems
  • Independence: Valuing personal creativity and independence
  • Conformity: Avoiding extreme action and conforming to external expectations
  • Equality: Focusing on both the group and organisational freedom

For teamwork to be effective, we need to understand individual working values as these influence motivation and the way people work. The Window on Work Values Profile offers important insights into how things actually get done in your organisation, helping you gain better understanding of how people operate together and how well individuals fit with the culture of the workplace.

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Team Performance Profile

  • A snapshot in time of team performance
  • 360-degree feedback for the whole team based on the Margerison-McCann Types of Work Model
  • A perfect complement to the personal Team Management Profile
  • Key issues clearly highlighted and explained
  • Ideal for project team planning and review
  • Simple and practical, focused on action planning and results

A rich multi-rater instrument giving feedback to the whole team from its own members and those it works with. The Team Performance Profile? provides a detailed mini-audit of how everyone thinks the team is doing in relation to a powerful, fully researched model of team effectiveness, linked to the models and concepts within the Team Management Profile. The Profile has been used successfully with team coaching, problem solving, change management and project management. It is an ideal consultancy tool that can be used before or after individual team members receive their personal Profiles.

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